Raw Dog Food for Beginners

labrador retriever
Zuse loves his bone.

Why raw food?

Natural raw or frozen pet food has enormous benefits for those animals with digestion niggles, poor coat or skin, lethargy and poor oral health.
Just as many people are trying to eat less processed food to improve their health, some dog owners are turning away from conventional pet food.

Sensibly handling, cleaning and caring for your dog will minimise any risks during preparation. Wash your hands with soap and hot water after handling your dogs’ food and after poo picking. Store human and pet bowls and utensils separately and, if possible, keep your dog out of human food preparation areas. With a little education and awareness, the transition to natural raw diet is risk free.

Why should you feed your dog a raw diet?

Not only are there more nutrients in real, fresh food, but dogs have the digestive system designed to handle raw meat and bones. They’re obviously meat eaters!

The theory is that by feeding fresh food…

  • We are extending the lives of our pets because fresh food is easier to digest,
  • The nutrients in fresh food are more bioavailable,
  • Able to source higher quality ingredients, thereby controlling what our dogs eat.

A raw dog food diet typically includes:

  • 80% raw meat (ground beef, chicken breast, etc.)
  • 10% raw bone (from “raw meaty bones” like raw chicken quarters)
  • 10% organ meat such as chicken liver or lungs, etc.

Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs

I transitioned my dogs to a raw food diet because one of my dogs, had a long list of health issues including itchy paws, skin rashes, recurring ear infections, daily loose stool and diarrhea, food sensitivities, and joint issues.

Feeding a Raw Food Diet gained benefits:

  • healthy skin and shiny coat
  • clean, white teeth
  • fresh breath
  • a healthy digestive system
  • stronger immune system
  • decreased allergies
  • less inflammation
  • improved joint health
  • healthy body weight and muscle mass
  • no doggy odor
  • smaller, less smelly poop
  • fewer veterinarian visits

The Science behind the benefits of raw food

Much better thank-you

Diet is the foundation of health. The fresher the diet, the more nutrients are available for the animal's system to utilize in building immunity, healing from illness and warding off disease. Raw food diets have been shown to help the body deal with many common ailments such as flea infestations, hot spots, continual shedding, poor dental & gum health, allergies, gastro-intestinal problems such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, immune disorders and degenerative diseases. 

Raw diets have been common practice in European countries for decades, especially Germany, where it is commonly recommended by veterinarians. The fear of feeding raw meat in this country seems to stem from a fear of salmonella, E. coli and parasites. In over 10 years of feeding raw food and seeing countless animals on raw food diets in my practice, salmonella and E. coli have not been seen to be a problem. Remember, pets' digestive systems are designed to accommodate raw meat. Parasites could be contracted through eating wild, whole prey or game meats, but is much less likely to occur with properly handled human grade meats. Infection is more likely to occur through a pet's ingestion of faeces or soil, or from poorly handled meat.

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