When Should You Easily Better Your Dog Food?

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Do you feed your dog the same food as always but you’re unsure whether it’s the right food for them? Perhaps you feel that they’re not doing as well on it as they used to, but you don’t know whether to switch.

Dog lovers are very aware that diet plays a large part in staying healthy and because we love our pets we want to give them the best food that we can. But how do you know when it’s time to change your dog’s diet? Here at Walnut Pet Supplies, we’ve spent many years researching holistic diets for active dogs, and we’re proud to say that our own dog-food recommendations score high in over 1300 online reviews. So, we think we know a bit about keeping a dog healthy and happy and with this in mind, and with the help of our canine nutrition expert Ron Spencer, we’ve compiled a list of signs to look for which tell you it’s time to change your best friend’s diet.


Whatever your dog’s breed, their weight is an essential factor in overall health. An overweight or obese dog is open to all kinds of associated health issues like diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Excess weight can even affect a working dog’s ability to scent due to excessive panting. Being underweight can also impact a dog’s health and energy levels. At this stage, it is worth considering a lighter option, so it is advised to try a diet lower in fat. Consider Autarky Mature Lite: Delicious Chicken or Mature Lite: Succulent Salmon.


We know there is a proven link between diet and allergies. Ron says that dogs can suffer intolerance to grain or gluten which manifests in itchy, red or weeping skin or hair loss and sometimes in diarrhoea and vomiting. A change to natural raw dog food or a hypoallergenic dog food could help eliminate allergic reactions.

Dull Coat or Hair Loss

Changes in your dog’s condition can be a sign of general ill-health or adverse reaction to a specific food. Dogs need nutrients like essential fatty acids, zinc, B-vitamins, copper and amino acids to support good health and coat condition. Our range of oily raw diets selected for natural goodness, with key nutritional inclusions which can restore your dog’s coat to its natural shine, softness and thickness.

Energy Levels

If your dog is lethargic or hyperactive, there’s a good chance that their diet is unbalanced with the wrong nutrient levels. To produce the correct amount of energy required for activity and for speed, the type of food consumed is more crucial than the amounts of food. This is why we stock doggy diets which support energy metabolism through key nutraceuticals like B-vitamins, carnitine and taurine and adjusted carbohydrate to fat ratios.

Age Matters

Whether your dog is at the puppy, adult or senior stage, it’s vital to choose an age-appropriate diet with the correct amount of protein for growing and working dogs and a more joint-supportive diet for seniors. In all cases, the proper nutrition, tailored just for your dog, will help maintain good health and weight levels.

Our belief at Walnut Pet Supplies is that with 100% natural goodness and a holistic approach to testing and studying numerous recipes your dog would definitely choose us if they could for a healthy, active lifestyle – and we’re pretty sure you’d notice the difference in them if you chose us too!

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