How Intelligent is Your Dog?

A new study has discovered that a dog’s size may hold the key to understanding more about how dogs learn.

Scientists at the University of Arizona have discovered that dogs with larger brains outperform smaller dogs in some cases, but not all. In particular, they discovered that larger dogs have better short-term memory and self-control than smaller dogs.

So, How Smart Is Your Dog?

The study analysed the data of 7,000 dogs from owner-based research on (where owners take game orientated tests and upload their own findings). The dogs were a mix of different ages and breeds.

Below are the two games dogs played, so you can have some fun and test how smart your dog is!

A Game to Test Your Dog’s Self-Control

What you need:

  • Dog treats

Tell your dog to ‘sit’ and with your dog sitting in front of you, place a treat in front of them, letting them know they are not to take it.

Then, watch your dog and see how they react. Test for a second time by covering your eyes and a third time by turning away from your dog, noting each time how long it took for your dog to wait before eating the dog treat you placed in front of them.

The larger the dog, the longer it will wait and smaller dogs tend to have more difficulty remembering where the treat was hidden, unless, you know different.

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