Frozen pet food is ideal for my dogs

Slow, slow was the secret of introducing natural raw food into my dogs diet.

My dogs were now happy, full of life, content with their diet (and going to the loo). What I noticed was that they were utilizing the food they were eating much more than they were on a complete diet, which meant less poop and a better consistency and not smelly; in fact my dogs were no where near as smelly (wind).

By putting the vegetables into the food processor to break them down they were able to get all the goodness out of them and so were not just passed through in chunks as they used to be. The reason for this I found was that dogs can’t digest whole fruit and vegetables because of the make-up of their cell walls (cellulose), but by eating fruit and vegetables that have been through a food processor can be digested as this has broken down the cellulose and is more like the vegetable matter partly digested in the stomach of the prey animal they would eat in the wild.

Lovely shining coats.

My young Akita had SKIN PROBLEMS like I have never had before, she broke out in wet eczema in a big way! I believe she was allergic to a 'filler' in dry food that was wheat based. This has cleared up entirely having changed her diet to frozen food. Thank-you so much Ron for the recommendation!

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