K9000 Dog Wash U.K.

The K9000® is a state of the art self serve dog wash designed to clean, condition, and dry your dog with minimal time and effort. The Average K9000 wash takes about 10 minutes, includes premium hypoallergenic shampoo, conditioner, and flea/tick rinse, and 2-speed dryer Dog Wash Steps. The K9000® has features such as harness and non-slip platform for dog safety.  K9000® is the world’s leading dog wash with over 1,600 machines worldwide!

As the premium self serve dog wash machine, it’s safe for dog owners. The K9000 Do It Yourself Dog Wash machines easily replace and upgrade old fashioned dog washing. Enjoy washing your best friend without fear of injury to owners and dogs with the K9000’s easy entry, exit, and perfect height wash platform.

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  1. Julie O'Brien
    Is it possible to use your own shampoo in the dog wash? Many thanks
    • Yes you can Julie just miss the shampoo setting and go on to rinse after you have used your own shampoo - cheers - Ron

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