K9000 Dog Wash U.K.

The dog washing process is very easy with the coin-operated K9000 dog wash machine, as the K9000 machine has a display with numbered steps to follow during the entire wash cycle. One simply needs to follow the steps and go to the next step after each step in the wash cycle, starting from Soap to Dry and all steps you want to use for bathing dogs.
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The Benefits of Fish for Cats

The benefits of fish as a food for cats Fish is a great, easily digestible protein source for cats. Especially for cats following digestive upsets or with liver or kidney disease, whilst being relatively low in saturated fats and empty calories (good for weight control). These facts alone make fish a fantastic source of nutrition…
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Dog Dental Care: How to Look After Your Dog’s Teeth

A pretty smile might not be at the top of your dog’s priority list, but dog dental care should be on yours because a dog’s mouth is their gateway to overall health and wellbeing. Dogs use their teeth for more than just eating. They use them to play, carry things and explore their surroundings and…
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When Should You Consider Changing Your Dog’s Food?

Do you feed your dog the same food as always but you’re unsure whether it’s the right food for them? Perhaps you feel that they’re not doing as well on it as they used to, but you don’t know whether to switch. Dog lovers are very aware that diet plays a large part in staying…
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How Intelligent is Your Dog?

A new study has discovered that a dog’s size may hold the key to understanding more about how dogs learn. Scientists at the University of Arizona have discovered that dogs with larger brains outperform smaller dogs in some cases, but not all. In particular, they discovered that larger dogs have better short-term memory and self-control…
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Walnut Pet Supplies

Walnut Pet Supplies has a new updated website - hurrah! We listened: - to our customer suggestions and rebuilt the Walnut Pet Supplies website with great new deals around a new menu and product categories.We aim to have the largest product selection in the UK with thirty-five suppliers. Our price guarantee is unbeatable so check…
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