About us


Healthier Pets. Happier People. Better World.

With more than 20 years of service to pet parents, Walnut Pet Supplies is a leading UK pet speciality retailer that is 'dogg'ed' about delivering health and happy experiences for pets and the people who love them. We do this by providing the products, services, advice and experiences that keep pets physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy.

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Our history

1994 - 2001 Walnut Tree Pet Supplies

Local farm shop and pet store selling most popular pet food brands to Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Dog grooming service in-store.

2004-2007 Walnut Pet Supplies

Holistic pet store selling top pet food brands locally and on-line to the UK. Dog hydrotherapy established in-store.

2012-2017 Introduced services in-store

Walnut Pet Supplies introduced 'Vets Now' veterinary services in-store and acquired a 1/4 acre field for 'let 'em loose' facilities for pet dogs to hire at £2/hour. Started puppy socialisation and dog training classes twice a week to the general public.

Frozen Pet Food

Portable frozen storage walk-in room provided for the expansion of raw (Barf) natural pet food.

  • Wild Venison Nuggets
  • Farm Reared Turkey Nuggets
  • Full-Flavoured Rabbit Nuggets
  • Succulent Duck Nuggets
  • Chicken with Salmon Nuggets
  • Puppy Superfood Nuggets
  • British Lamb Nuggets
  • White Fish & Mackerel Nuggets
  • Pheasant & Duck Nuggets

Natural and raw dog food and treats made with good, wholesome ingredients.

Why choose us

All our staff are trained in basic pet nutrition, customer service, packaging and delivery selection.

Ron Spencer encourages staff to research the latest feed guide-lines and frozen food safety & hygiene.

Staff are familiar with pet FAQ's and dealing with enquiries.

Staff are asked to provide their answers to popular and relevant customer queries.

All staff are trained in raw/dry/wet pet food packaging solutions.

Delivering packaging solutions with freshness, protection and the highest standards of food hygiene
We understand the need for your food products to arrive in perfect condition.

Our range of food contact packaging ensures your goods remain fresh and protected whilst meeting all the relevant legislative requirements for food hygiene.

We cater for bulk supply, where transit protection is of paramount importance, and also retail supply where eye-catching packaging solutions are required to create maximum consumer appeal on shelf.