K9000 Dog Wash U.K.

The dog washing process is very easy with the coin-operated K9000 dog wash machine, as the K9000 machine has a display with numbered steps to follow during the entire wash cycle. One simply needs to follow the steps and go to the next step after each step in the wash cycle, starting from Soap to Dry and all steps you want to use for bathing dogs.
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We love 'Ribbies' raw dog treat that is great for your dogs digestion and keeps your doggie friends happy.
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My Friend

This is my friend Sally. Sally was the poorly one out of the litter. She was very slow to develop and her mother abandoned her knowing she was so weak. We nursed her for the first 4 weeks of her life and with some luck and plenty of love she grew stronger and now today…
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Frozen pet food is ideal for my dogs

Slow, slow was the secret of introducing natural raw food into my dogs diet. My dogs were now happy, full of life, content with their diet (and going to the loo). What I noticed was that they were utilizing the food they were eating much more than they were on a complete diet, which meant…
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Walnut Pet Supplies

Walnut Pet Supplies has a new updated website - hurrah! We listened: - to our customer suggestions and rebuilt the Walnut Pet Supplies website with great new deals around a new menu and product categories.We aim to have the largest product selection in the UK with thirty-five suppliers. Our price guarantee is unbeatable so check…
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