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Nature's Instinct RAW Dog Food 500g. Chicken, lamb, beef, Turkey & tripe. ONLY £1.25

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We are raw dog food suppliers who have a real passion for what we do, our aim is to help you understand the proven benefits of feeding a RAW diet, the appropriate raw food for dogs, rather than commercial synthetic human-made biscuit/tinned “petfoods.” We are also passionate about creating an understanding of how these fake “petfoods” along with unnecessary treatments, not only burden the body but prevent total protection, ultimately burdening your animal with unnecessary disease and illness, allopathic treatments are then offered which only look to address the symptoms.

You will read from experts on this website that 75-80% of health, in general, comes from species-appropriate raw food, this is because 75-80% of the immune system is housed in the gut, the immune system is what protects animals from virus and bacteria, this makes it the key to protection from diseases.

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Walnut Pet Supplies is committed to offering the best products at the best prices. We will match any competitor’s price, guaranteed.

Established in Milton Keynes over twenty years ago, Walnut Pet Supplies specialise in Barf or natural raw pet food & we stock more than seventeen different brands. Best value and nutrition from years of experience.

Here at Walnut Pet Supplies, your pet's health is our first priority. Therefore we are not simply raw dog food suppliers. We are specialists in dogs’ health, well-being, and nutritional requirements as well as their canine ancestral history, we have come to understand that 75-80% of health for domestic pets comes from nutrition, and that is Raw food diets, enabling us to help you keep healthy and happy animals.

We also offer free advice and support to ensure the changeover to a Raw Food diet is as straightforward as possible.
After 28 years serving our customers pets we have a great wealth of knowledge and also understand the cause of lots of common health issues, not just with dogs and cats but animals in general, that is why we provide a range of natural supplements and treatments to help you try and deal with the source of these health problems, rather than just addressing the symptoms.  You can see what some of our customers have to say about us here.

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